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The Australian Hampshire Down Association is in place to promote the breeding of Hampshire Downs and encourage the sale of rams to commercial primary producers as terminal sires. With the help of the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association we keep pedigree information of the breed dating back to 1916, which is the year of the first registered Hampshire Down flock in the Flock Book of 'British Breeds of Sheep in Australia'. That Flock was owned by John Snell of Sailsbury, South Australia with the prefix of the flock: ILLAWARRA.

Hampshire Downs were present in Victoria by 1861 where they were shown at Port Phillip Farmers Show by J. W. Brown and Cyrus Hewitt.

Hampshires were also in Tasmania where they were introduced by William Hartnall in 1866. Of even more significance were two consignments which arrived in Victoria in 1888; one for the Hon. William McCulloch of Colac and the other of 25 ewes and 2 rams for the Hon. William Water-lrving of Pin-on Yallock.

Three Hampshire flocks were registered in Volume 1 of the Flock Book (1898). By 1970 there were 11 flocks, but there was growth to over 50 flocks in the 1980's. Much credit for the maintenance of the breed through the 50s, 60s and 70s must go to E. E. & R. C. Cotton of Oberon, New South Wales. They were mating over 200 ewes in the 1970s and they exhibited and promoted the breed with enthusiasm.

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