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Jurambula 6187-2016

 Reg No. G903


Sired by Jurambula 2002/2012 F6192

Dam - Jurambula 2119/2012

SOD - Jurambula 9041/2009

Supreme All Breeds Exhibit at Berwick 2018

Champion Ram at Royal Melbourne 2018

Champion Ram at Sheepvention 2017 and 2018

Reserve Champion Ram at Royal Melbourne Hampshire Feature Show


Semen available for International Export to ARGENTINA, CANADA, CHILE, NEW ZEALAND


Boonong Park ‘Archer’ 07/2013 F7194

Sire - Langwarrin 85/2010 F4775

Dam - Johnos 942/2009

SOD - Johnos ‘Seymour’ 681/2007 F1519


Sires Sire: Ramsay Park 77/2001 D4501

Sires Dam: Johnos 699

Sires Dams Sire: Burrandool 3061/2003 D5515


Show Success

Supreme Interbreed Ram at Korumburra Show 2016

Supreme Interbreed Ram at Pakenham Show 2016

Champion Heritage Sheep of Show at Berwick Show 2016

Boonong Park 'Archer'

07-2013 Reg No. F7194


AURORA PARK 8020-2018Tw

Reg No. F4924

Supreme Hampshire Down Exhibit of Australia 2019

AHDBA Best Ram of the Year Award 2019

Supreme All Breeds Exhibit of Victoria 2019

Australian Champion Ram 2019

Supreme Hampshire Exhibit Royal Melbourne 2019

Supreme Heritage Interbreed Exhibit Royal Melbourne Show 2019

Reserve Interbreed Ram at Sheepvention 2019

Reserve Interbreed Ram at Balmoral Ram Lamb Show 2019

Supreme Heritage Feature Exhibit at Sheepvention 2019

Reserve Champion Hampshire Ram at Sydney Royal 2019

Weight: 140.5kg EMD: 50mm PEMD: 0.7 PWWT: 7.2 PFAT: -0.2

Sired by Aurora Park 1608/2018 Supreme Interbreed Exhibit Horsham Sheep Show 2017


Aurora Park 'Apollo' 1501-2015 Reg No. F7571

Semen held in Pellets

Sired by Burrandool 1321-2013 (F6864) who is currently retained by this stud.

2016 Royal Geelong Show (Largest Hampshire Show 2016) - 1st place Ram under 1.5 years (Largest class)

Champion Ram at Ballarat Sheep Show 2016

2016 Australian Sheep Show 2nd place Ram under shorn

2016 Royal Melbourne Show 2nd place Ram under shorn

2017 Australian Sheep Show 2nd place Ram over shorn

2017 Hamilton Sheepvention 1st place Ram over shorn

2017 Royal Melbourne Show 3rd place Ram over shorn (Feature)

Solid chunky ram, stands and walks incredibly well, quickest growing ram at the stud in 2015


Months Old    Date Taken    Weight (kg)    EMD (mm)    EMW (mm)    EMA (CM2)
        16                16.9.16                  123                   49                  94                       35.5
        17                13.10.16               128.5                  53                  101                      41.22
        28               19.9.2017               151                   54                  106                       44.1