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SUBSCRIPTION to the Australian Hampshire Down Breeders Association.

  1. Eligibility of subscription to AHDBA is granted only to current members of the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association (ASSBA).

  2. Subscription renews on 31st of March and must be paid for by the 30th of April. Annual Subscription is $30.

  3. Current subscribers will automatically recieve their new subscription form, new subscribers must email the AHDBA Secretary. 

  4. Subscription entitles stud voting rights at AHDBA Meetings, listing on our breeders directory, access to Semen Catalogue, Promotional Material, Facebook & Instagram.

To subscribe please email AHDBA Secretary on

REGISTERING a Hampshire Down Stud

Registration can occur once the breeder first purchases their initial sheep.

If you have intentions of starting a stud, notify the stud you purchased the sheep from & they can help transfer the registered sheep into your name. Email the Federal Secretary of ASSBA or find the registration forms on the ASSBA website - 

To register please email FEDERAL Secretary of ASSBA on

2021 Registry/ FLOCK BOOK

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